About Us

NRG CAR Kft. is a European Distributor of Axglo Inc., an international enterprise founded in 2003, is professional in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative sport products under the brand name of Axglo.

Axglo Inc. has been established his own manufacturing and research facilities. Through intensive market research and with the aid of their top-of-the-line designer and engineer, they continue to improve our products to their finest quality and peak performance. They were also issued with the Medical Device Establishment License in Canada and were certified to distribute manual and sport wheelchairs in the Canadian market in the past years.

With the experience through marketing and wholesaling our wheelchairs, Axglo Inc. has identified that a three wheel design does not have the stability that matches what a 4 wheels design can provide to the user. Golfers often have their 3 wheel push carts tipped over on a hilly golf course, and this indicates the need of a 4 wheel push cart in the golf market. Putting thought into action, in 2009 Axglo Inc. came up with a brand new, uniquely designed 4 wheel golf push cart “Flip n’ Go”.

Flip n’ Go has the smallest size, folded and unfolded, of all golf push carts currently on the market. It also possesses the strength and stability that surpass' all other push carts. With its modern appearance, innovative glide-folding mechanism, light weight and user-friendly designs, the Flip n’ Go is the next generation of golf push cart. Axglo Inc. runs a professional administrative system for the development of our products, including the preliminary sketch, design, mould injection, manufacture and quality control. This allows us to satisfy the ever-changing need of the market, and in meanwhile we remain competitive with our attractive pricing.